PT. Altikamurni Internusa believes in making the highest quality products for our customers. Therefore, we pay close attention to every process in detail. As the main process in Aluminum Smelting, we equip the factory with production machines that are operated in a clean and well-maintained environment. As for some of the facilities we provide as below.


To ensure that customer needs are met in a fast and timely manner, we operate a 500 Kg capacity furnace.


This Spectrometer serves to check the chemical composition contained in Aluminum. This sampling is intended so that the Aluminum sample reaches the standard composition expected by the customer.


To ensure the goods arrive on time at the customer, we have a transportation fleet that is always ready, inspected and undergoes regular emission tests. As well as having experienced drivers.

In addition, we have rooms for Electrochemical Testing such as Closed Circuit Potential Test, Electrochemical Teting Baths, Consumption Rate Test, Anode To Core Resistance Test, and Destructive Test Anode.