aluminum smelting

PT Altikamurni Internusa provides aluminum recycling services. Supported by modern and professional equipment.

sorting process

The aluminum scrap will be cleaned and sorted to separate the iron mixed in the aluminum scrap. This is important to obtain a good quality alloy, and to determine the process of smelting aluminum scrap into aluminum alloy.


We have three spectrometer units that are used to determine the composition of aluminum. Before the aluminum goes into the molding stage, we take a number of samples to be tested with the spectrometer in the laboratory. It is important that the chemical composition reaches the standard composition that customers expect.


During smelting, we are able to provide high quality aluminum with low porosity and inclusions. Direct Aluminum molding is done with tested compositions.

finished goods

The finished goods will be packed according to the standard of the customer’s request. Finished goods are carefully identified following the FIFO (First In First Out) system.