Impressed Current cathodic systems protect virtually any type of embedded or submerged structure regardless of the electrical insulation or coating quality of the structure itself. There are several types of Impressed Current Anodes available Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO), Platinum, Graphite, and Silicon Iron. ALTIKA supplies all types of Impressed Current Anodes, including rods or cables, tubes, nets and ribbons, individually or pre-packaged.

MMO is an ideal anode material for the majority of applications. MMO comprises a unique blend of high current density, very low consumption rate, durability, strength, low cost and wide configurability that is unmatched by any other anode material. MMO is insertable and temperature adaptable, dimensionally stable, catalyzable, electrically conductive Iridium / Ruthenium / Tantalum composition.

ALTIKA develops MMO Anodes for Impressed Current Protection equipped with maximum performance for various types of applications. With its experience and innovative product line-up, ALTIKA is the leader in MMO applications.

ALTIKA develops leading designs of continuous mixed metal oxide active anodes. This configuration is at the heart of many of ALTIKA’s MMO anode designs. The dual-feed multi-loop design provides electrical redundancy, reducing voltage drop (IR) and increasing current along the anode surface.